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Our Services

Where problems are solved and dreams are born.
Helping you strategize, manage change and become more resilient.

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Leadership Consulting

We work with leaders and boards to work through any challenges you may have.

What does it look like?

  • We collaboratively define the challenge you are facing

  • We support you and your team to develop a range of solutions

  • We provide bandwidth to help with board relations and governance, training and change management

Coaching & Training

We help leaders increase their effectiveness.

What does it look like?

  • We provide board and executive coaching and training 

  • We provide training in: board fundraising coaching; new CEO/ED/CDO fundraising coaching; management coaching for new managers; financial management for non-financial managers; team-building

  • Customized training and workshops: customized for your needs, built on 20+ combined years of teaching and workshop experience

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Interim Leadership

We support organizations to bridge staffing changes.

What does it look like?

  • We come in and quickly get up to speed

  • We can help keep things going or manage through change

  • We can also help you find the right next person

  • We will smoothly transition to your next leader

Strategic & Project Planning

We work with you to develop plans for organizational strategy or specific projects.

What does it look like?

  • We plan and help implement strategic projects such as annual or multi-year strategic plans, departmental plans (marketing, fundraising, campaign, operational, financial, digital), and social impact strategies for companies

  • We do internal analysis – strategy, staffing/organizational structure, fundraising/revenue development, financial, and marketing

  • We do external or landscape analysis to inform recommendations for new directions, initiatives or campaigns

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Project Management

We provide shorter-term project management bandwidth.

What does it look like?

  • We partner with your team to add capacity

  • We add missing expertise in fundraising, marketing, financial and operational management, risk assessment and mitigation, organizational resilience and crisis management

  • We help with vendor selection, negotiation and management

Elissa excelled in an integrated set of responsibilities, playing the lead role on the executive team in building and executing two consecutive three-year business plans, ensuring active cooperation among functional teams, conducting vital analyses to better assess costs and focus responsibilities, and engaging with board members on matters of business planning and development.
Elissa’s exemplary leadership and management contributions to Tides Canada resulted not only in a well-run and financially successful organization, but significantly greater impact on the ground for our vital charitable work.

-- Ross McMillan, Former CEO, Tides Canada

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